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Experiencing difficulty realizing which covering parts to use during your covering cycle? At times the hardest piece of this interaction is understanding which covering parts turns out best for you and meets the particular necessities that your segments requests. We have accumulated a rundown of prescribed parts to use during your covering interaction each including its own qualities.

KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides the best Plastic CapsRubber Caps and Plastic PlugsRubber Plugs.


Die Cuts

KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES has some expertise in tapes and covering items for powder covering, plating and anodizing tasks. An in-house kick the bucket cutting plant can cut most tapes into any shape (in any event, phrasing and numbers) for simple covering. The pony envisioned here was removed of its PC400 green powder coat tape. Bite the dust slices are intended to set aside time and cash – the client just strips them off the sponsorship, places them on the substrate and paints. The organization likewise produces silicone and EPDM covers, plugs, pull fittings and metal snares. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

High-Temperature Masking

These organizations have built up a temperature-safe material explicitly for the completing business. Flex500Plus is intended to withstand administration temperatures past 500°F and is appropriate for powder covering, plating, painting, anodizing, substance preparing and different applications. The organizations supply a huge number of veiling parts in a scope of sizes, styles and tones. The vast majority of the parts are accessible in a few distinct materials including silicone, vinyl, paper and polyester. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Interior Part Masking

Intended to cover the inside of a section burrow and staggered subset openings, the Mating Plug is produced using a blend of metal and rubber and can withstand high-temperature completing cycles, for example, powder covering, plating and e-covering. The capacity to screw the flanged fitting to its mate makes the impermeable seal fundamental for e-covering applications. Intended to be easy to understand, the attachment highlights turn tabs on the fitting closures that consider simple application and expulsion. The lip on the edge of the fitting ensures that the staggered counter sink openings are likewise secured. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Masking Products

This present organization’s standard concealing item range incorporates veiling covers, plugs, bite the dust cutstapestubing and sheeting, and snares. Its licensed Wishbone concealing plates highlight a middle force tab plan that permits clients to handily discover and eliminate circles clouded by painting or powder covering. The Wishbone framework likewise forestalls the requirement for exorbitant revamp of covered surfaces damaged during plate evacuation. The plan makes a spring up focus tab that is purportedly simpler to apply than standard circles, and that stays obvious and simple to get a handle on even after thick paint or covering applications to give a reserve funds on schedule and work costs. The organization’s F12 tape has a 4.5 mil electrical evaluation glass fabric backing for simple situation and evacuation and is covered with 2.5 mils of silicone glue. This glue framework is a crosslinked, semi-relieved mix of silicone that will withstand 500°F for as long as 45 minutes. The organization likewise works in elastic embellishment for OEMs. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Custom Masking

This organization has made huge number of custom covers for wet shower, powder coat, e-coat and plating. The items are intended to be handily applied and eliminated so that completing experts can ergonomically veil in short order. The covers are produced using completely relieved Dow Corning silicone, so there is no movement to influence painting tasks. Since paint won’t hold fast to silicone, the veils can be cleaned of paint development and utilized more than once. The veils can likewise take an extremely high preparing temperature (up to 600°F) and can be left on the part through the stove. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Masking/Hanging Solutions

Parts to be painted can frequently be covered by utilizing a similar snare used to hang the part. This organization has utilized this thought for quite a long time and has created many snares intended to give completing experts line thickness, part control and veiling, all simultaneously. The snares can be cleaned and reused on different occasions to help organiz

ations set aside cash and take care of paint line issues. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Liquid Maskants

This organization supplies fluid concealing items for most metal completing activities. The line incorporates veiling items for electroless nickel, valuable metal plating, sulfuric and chromic anodizing and compound processing. The organization was as of late endorsed as a provider to Bombardier for its compound processing maskant. The most current expansion to the line is Chrome Peel, which is a peelable maskant for hard chrome plating, sulfuric and chromic corrosive anodizing, just as different cycles KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Maskants for Increased Efficiency

This current organization’s new veiling product offering is intended to expand creation effectiveness. New items incorporate vented covers for simpler situation and evacuation, twofold flanged pull plugs for veiling inward distances across and weld nuts, tapered plugs with tabs for simpler expulsion, and Q-Bolts for concealing and hanging applications. The organization’s Enviro-Line™ paper concealing items are intended to give minimal effort, harmless to the ecosystem veiling choices. The organization additionally supplies silicone and EPDM elastic covers, fittings, tubing and concentrated veiling helps, and it stocks tape and concealing plates in polyester, polymide, glass material and crepe with silicone cement for high-temperature covering necessities. Specially crafted formed and bite the dust cut covering items can be gotten to address explicit necessities. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Masking Supplies

This organization fabricates covers, fittings, tapes and plates utilized for concealing strings, openings and different zones when covering items. The product offering incorporates vinyl plunge formed and silicone infusion shaped covers, tips, attachments and exceptionally formed things, just as tapes and circles made of silicone, polyester and Kapton materials. The HT-201 high-temperature covers and attachments are intended to oppose temperatures over 450°F, while the reusable, super high-temperature silicone elastic covers and fittings can purportedly withstand temperatures over 600°F. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

Material Choices

This organization offers a line of attachments and covers, including vinyl, polyethylene, silicone and EPDM items. Nitrile, characteristic and neoprene elastic items are likewise accessible, alongside crepe, polyester, polymimide and vinyl tapes. Cap and fitting materials withstand differing temperatures during concealing cycles. For instance, vinyl withstands temperatures up to 446°F (230°C) and silicone up to 600°F (316°C). EPDM items endure 475°F (246°C). The most financially savvy material is the vinyl, with temperature the vital factor in the choice of which material to utilize. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic Industries in Gurgaon

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